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Dr. Penny was not born into a chiropractic world but it found her and changed her life. She struggled with medical conditions and chronic pain from a very young age but always felt that Western medicine was just addressing the symptoms rather than the actual problem. It was not until she was pursuing her undergrad at Texas A&M that one of her roommates convinced her to give chiropractic a try. A few months later, she put in her application to the Parker University, Doctorate of Chiropractic Program and never looked back.

Since graduating, Dr. Penny has worked with people from all walks of life. CEOs to housewives. Infants to great grandparents. Wellness patients to professional athletes. Workman’s comp and auto accidents.            Dr. Penny understands that each patient is a unique person and needs care that is unique to them.

An adjustment is the most important part of any chiropractic treatment. However, Dr. Penny also utilizes other techniques and modalities such as Graston, stretching, kinesio taping, trigger point massage, corrective exercises, and Interferential/EMS treatment.

Still have questions? Give Dr. Penny a call and see what she can do for you!

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We adjust the entire spine here. That means that when you leave our office, every single segment of your spine and hips will be in perfect alignment. Giving your body the chance to perform as it was intended to! We also do extremity adjusting on an as-needed basis. 
Competitive Pricing
At On The Go Chiro, we believe that everyone should be able to afford healthcare.
It is our mission to offer our patients the best care at reasonable prices. 
Is Back Pain A Problem For Your Company?


"The total cost to employers for back pain amounts to $34,600 per 100 employees annually.1 This includes both direct medical and disability claims, as well as indirect effects on the overall productivity of the organization." ~

Happy, healthy employees work harder and take less time off. Give us a call and let's see how we can help with that!

The Power That Made The Body,

Heals The Body

What To Expect

When you arrive at our Bankers Hill location, 2121 5th Ave, there will be a voice box to the left of the gate. The code to open the gate is *9551. Once inside the building, there will be a hallway to your right. Take that hallway to Suite 204 on the left!

New patient paperwork will be emailed to you once we confirm your booking. Please have that filled out before you reach the office. This helps us stay on time!

After a thorough history and exam, it's time to start treatment! We pride ourselves on giving full body care. Each treatment will consist of a combination of different soft tissue and adjusting techniques that is specific and unique to each individual.

You can expect the first treatment to last about 40 minutes. Follow up appointments will be about 20 minutes. We strongly encourage you to book your appointments online in order to streamline the process. 

Most importantly, you can expect excellent service. All of our doctors are professional, fully licensed, insured, and each with several years of experience and broad knowledge of the human body. 



"I am a very active person and enjoy participating in all forms of exercise.
Unfortunately, I had been experiencing pain, numbness, and tingling in my right
elbow during any activity for some time and it was limiting my ability to engage in
the activities I enjoy.


Dr. Penny was able to quickly assess my needs, determine the root cause of my complaints, and treat my symptoms through skilled chiropractic
adjustments with professionalism and with wonderful bedside manner as soon as I
voiced my concerns. Dr. Penny is a wonderful chiropractor who genuinely cares about her clients. She uses her knowledge and expertise to ensure her patients reach his or her maximum state of health and well-being. I have been seen by Dr. Penny multiple times to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I highly recommend Dr. Penny for anyone in search of chiropractic care.

Jordan McGinnis

"After months of suffering from minor backpain, I decided to see a chiropractor in hopes of finding some relief. Daily sretching and regularly taking pain medicine wasn't working. I had a consultation with Dr. Harris and was immediately glad I did. She was very respectful and made the evaluation process easy and understandable. 


Dr. Harris helped me quickly identify a recent lifestyle change that was the culprit in my back pain...a new office chair that I sat in for 6-8 hours a day. She suggested some minor posture exercises and also that I get a different office chair with better lumbar support. After just 3 corrective sessions, and a new chair, my pain was completely gone! I'm so glad Dr. Harris focused on solving for the root cause of my pain and didn't try to overbook me for sessions. If you are looking for a chiropractor you can trust, give Dr. Harris a call."

Micheal Lock

"I had persistent hip pain and discomfort for over a year that made sleeping, exercising, and sitting very uncomfortable. Dr. Harris of On the Go Chiro was able to help me manage and beat my hip pain for good in just few visits. In addition to quick, convenient, and effective chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Harris taught me about simple techniques to use between visits in order to maximize the overall benefits of treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Harris!"

Amber Kocian

"I like to stay pretty active, but I had started to experience pain in my back and neck. I was reluctant to go to the Doctor and tried to “tough it out”. After a while, it became clear that my back and neck pain wasn’t going to go away and ibuprofen wasn’t enough. After a brief evaluation, Dr. Penny was able to adjust me and remove the pain in my back and neck. Her competence and demeanor while seeing me inspired confidence in her abilities. I would recommend Dr. Penny to anyone who wishes to improve his or her quality of life.

Beau Ellington



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2121 5th Avenue, Suite 204

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